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(Why my Bond with Lora was so strong)

Another blog about Lora? Yes, but I'm sending praises her way even as she rests in the Lord. I always felt our conversations were safe, and when I ask you to keep it confidential, I could depend on her to do that; sadly, I know of no one else like that since she passed, so I keep my business in my journal.

I don't feel safe sharing a particular thing.

Sometimes you need to talk about something, and it's okay if you have a friend to share these things with, but my trust level is not very high because I've shared stuff since Lora passed away, and somehow I heard it again from someone else. It's unfortunate, but it also shows you what you can and cannot say.

Have you ever had someone do you a favor?

You thought oh wow, cool, that's awesome; it gets back to you in a whole different story. If you are reading this blog, please be careful; you got a person whom you can share things; thank your Lord because it's hard to find a soul like that. Now you see why I miss my sister Lora, I looked up to Heaven the other day, and I said, oh dear Lord, I miss her so much 🙏

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