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No Tears In Heaven

It was exactly two weeks ago today that my best friend was laid to rest, and I'm still finding it hard to handle. Thank God there are no more tears in Heaven. She will not have to cry anymore or wish for a hug or suffer in pain because she's at peace, and she will never cry again. A friend called me today, and he said three words I Love You and it made me feel so good inside.

These words are so crucial to living. A hug, a visit to tell someone I Love Yon while the blood is still running warm in our veins. Too often, we wait until they die, and we flood around their coffin-like bees after honey, show love in life. God lay people on your heart, yet you look the other way. Love me now in life don't wait until I'm dead and pretend you cared all along.

Many tears in my eyes today, thank God Lora don't have to cry anymore because there are no tears in Heaven. 🙌



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