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If you know of anyone who is sick, surround them with love and positive vibes. Bring them roses and flowers often and always hug them. If a person is sick, they need to be showered with respect and kindness more than ever because if there's any stress in their life, it will take them out a lot sooner than what els them. So go ahead, love on your sick loved one, shower them with the best of everything, but whatever you do, don't bring stress and drama around them.

Love them love on them and come to see them as often as you can. Positive vibes will prolong their life, but stress will take it away. Never bring your problems around your sick love one; it's not about you but about helping to make them feel better. Shower them with respect, understanding, and affection if you have any terrible news, never share it with the terminal ill because they're already fighting to stay alive.

Shower them with as many hugs and as much love as you can give. No Stress Allowed instead visit them and bring lots of hugs with you whatever you do do not let them die of the stress out, lonely heart,



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