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The Advantage Of Speaking Several Languages


They call me the woman of mystery for a reason, Your Mission Impossible 007 Girl - A little hint I'm a bit Mission Impossible, so there I gave an indication of myself but just a little one.

I cannot reveal too much in this blog but there are significant advantages to speaking several languages. I cannot reveal which language; I will say English and Farsi but guess what? There's two more.

I speak several languages fluently for the job I once had. It was manditory and they paid for my lessons. It was part of my job.

I have to laughs sometimes, I'm in a store, and people start speaking their language, not aware that I know what they are saying most of the time. I try to keep my cool, or sometimes I'll get cute and make a call on my cell phone speaking in the exact language that they're talking, they could go through the floor.

I went shopping Friday and went into a store, and people start to speak in a different language. I love hearing what they say ahahaha

I don't care to reveal too much about that part of my life, and maybe this blog is risky. That's all for now, folks. 👌

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